Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ursa’s free?
Of course!

Where is Ursa’s located?
Right by the clocktower. Look for the bear neon sign. Ursa’s Stageside is on the left, and Ursa’s Fireside is on the right.

What’s the closest place to park?
South 40 parking garage.

How do I reserve Ursa’s Fireside or Ursa’s Stageside for my student group?
That's not actually through us- you'll want to go through reserveaspace!

When are Ursa’s events?
Depends on the month! We usually have at least one a weekend, on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night.

Is there a way I can stay informed about upcoming events in Ursa’s?
Follow us on Facebook!

How can my student group co-program with Ursa’s Programming Board?
Reach out to us through Facebook or email us at

Can we rent out some of the things within Ursa’s (i.e., game consoles)
Nope, those things have to stay in Ursa's.

What happens in Ursa’s on non-event days?                      Students are welcome to use the space to study, eat, and hangout within the hours Ursa’s is open. Other student groups also are able to reserve Ursa’s and hold events while Ursa’s as an organization is not holding our monthly events.

Can we use the space whenever we want?
Nope, please reserve the Ursa’s space if you would like to program in there. If you are just chilling, we please ask you to leave the space when someone has it reserved if they want you gone.

I have an idea for an event I would like to see Ursa’s put on. Who do I talk to?
Reach out to us on Facebook or visit the Contact Us page to submit a comment!

Who can attend Ursa’s events?

Why do you ask us to swipe our IDs? Are we being charged for anything?
So we can see what our attendance looks like! We don’t have access to any of your personal information though, nor do we charge you anything. It helps us to know how many people attend which events so that we can keep putting on great events that appeal to everyone!